CBD for Beauty & Skincare

CBD oil is a great option for all skin types, as a healing cannabinoid, there are many holistic benefits which you can experience from using even a little pure CBD. But CBD isn’t just good inside of the body. It can be a wonder treatment when applied topically, too. Studies have found that CBD oil can have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and can be effective for dry skin and acne.

Key Fact #1

Reduces the signs of aging –. CBD plays a huge part in keeping your skin healthy and hydrated when incorporated into your beauty regimen.

Key Fact #2

Helps to combat dry skin – CBD has shown to work wonders boasting with a perfect balance of substances and nutrients that will moisturize and nourish your skin.

Can CBD help Beauty & Skincare

The benefits of CBD and ‘cannabinoids’ (the non-psychoactive extracts from the cannabis plant) are staking their claim to the wellness and beauty realms thanks to unparalleled calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties. With inflammation at the root of almost everything – from chronic pain to ageing (really!) – CBD extracts and hemp-derived oils work to ease aches, soothe stress and prolong your skin’s health.

Benefits of CBD for Skincare

The potential soothing benefits of CBD can mean that CBD oil (that is, where the extracted CBD powder is mixed with an oil like coconut oil) may provide some benefits for skin concerns such as breakouts and blemishes. CBD could also play a role in hydrating the skin, so may be beneficial for combatting dry skin. Many skin conditions are currently addressed using anti-inflammatory agents which can have undesired effects when used on sensitive areas. For some people, CBD-containing products are a beneficial alternative as it can have a soothing effect on the skin.

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CBD for Skincare
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CBD for Cosmetic & Beauty
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