Over the last 4 years Reakiro became a leading European Pharma GMP-compliant Manufacturer and supplier of full-spectrum CBD extracts, oils, capsules, and cosmetic products. With full control of its CBD production, Reakiro provides a highly sophisticated, superior product. From sourcing seeds, organic cultivation, product design, accurate formulation, and packaging, Reakiro is involved in every step of the production process.

Key Fact #1

After countless tiresome nights researching about the wondrous world of cannabinoids, Stuart McKenzie was blessed with an unwavering desire to build a company founded on the simple principle of changing the world...naturally.

Key Fact #2

Gathering a diverse portfolio of professionals and friends throughout 2016, Stuart united the power team with an underlying passion to spread the natural benefits of hemp and CBD worldwide, creating Reakiro as we know it today.

Discover Reakiro CBD Products

To stand by its quality standards, Reakiro utilizes traceable batch codes printed on each individual consumer product for full transparency and trust. In the language of Esperanto, Reakiro translates to RECOVERY. True to our name, our goal is to improve the lives of our consumers around the world. We focus on quality and innovation to ensure the production of only the best hemp-derived products.

Reakiro Holdings now proudly owns or manages three extraction facilities in Europe, the USA, and South America. Reakiro is growing fast and is undoubtedly a company to look out for. It uniquely centers its operations around utilizing all parts of the hemp plant!