Green Active are recognised as the CBD brand of London and pride themselves on providing affordable and life changing products. Their founder and leading lady, Mel, experienced the life changing effects of CBD in 2019 whilst dealing with stress and sleepless nights due to extreme pressure from her old 9-5. Once she had that eureka moment and felt herself again thanks to CBD, she decided to devote her life to ensuring she can deliver the same relief to as many people as possible. They have won multiple awards for their completely vegan range and Mel has been classed as one of the top 30 most influential women in the cannabis and CBD space by Cannabis Health Magazine. Green Active are renowned for their personal touch and complete devotion to their community.

Key Fact #1

Green Active have conduct consultations with their customers to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed with CBD. From their experience, including talking face to face with over 1000 customers, they found that less than 2% of CBD users actually knew how many mg of CBD they were taking to feel relief – despite this being the most important factor with taking CBD. Green Active has ensured all of their labelling shows EXACTLY how much CBD you are receiving so you can easily quote your dosage and shop as economically as possible.

Key Fact #2

Green Active are strong believers in giving back. They actively support charities around the UK and have been mentioned in national media as a result of their contribution. Their core values ensure that they positively impact the lives of all around them whilst seeking to change individual lives with their products.

Discover Green Active CBD Products

Green Active use MCT Oil as the carrier for their CBD Oils. This A) removes the strong earthy taste that most people find challenging and unpalatable and B) increases the absorption rate of the CBD which means you get a lot more from each dose.