When Hempoid entered the CBD market, they saw huge potential, but felt  there was still a long way to go for consumers to gain confidence on the quality of CBD products in the market. There was a huge buzz around the market of the benefits of using CBD, but this was clouded by the companies, who falsely marketed, supplied contaminated products or products with No CBD in them at all.

Hempoid ethos is simple, they promise to deliver lab-tested, organic, high-quality products at a sensible price range.

Key Fact #1

At Hempoid, it is critical that their suppliers work with the high quality standards that they do.

Key Fact #2

The entire Hempoid range is vegan, GMO-free, organic-certified making it suitable for all and unrivalled in class.

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Hempoid CBD grew from the personal battles and the friendship which grew from university, the common respect of CBD to help with chronic pain, stress, anxiety and sleep. One of Hempoid’s founders suffered from chronic ulcerative colitis from a very young age. The constant conflict with the disease, the damaged way of life and unwanted side effects from traditional medicines led the team at Hempoid on a search for more natural remedies.

After coming across CBD and discovering it’s benefits for both the mind and body, the goal became clear, the aim to supply premium CBD to all and in doing so positively change peoples lives for the better.