Quanna is the lovechild of a gynaecologist and a beauty wellness influencer as well as business woman, Quanna is a serendipitous merging of sexual wellness and the powers of CBD. A premium self-care and sexual wellness brand, Quanna strives to break taboos around sexuality and intimate care, stimulating conversations and promoting open and honest dialogue on all topics. Trailblazing in their approach to product development, Quanna is the UKs first sexual wellness company powered by CBD. CBD is the definition of untapped potential in both the future of our overall wellness as well as its own perception on a societal level. This simply began with a conversation, the cornerstone of what it means to be part of

Key Fact #1

At Quanna, they believe well-being begins with self-pleasures — CBD, Communication, and Sustainability that is. Here, intimate parts require the best quality ingredients & nature’s power is brought to the forefront.

Key Fact #2

Quanna Oomf is made of all-natural ingredients to promote the natural lubrication needed to enjoy intimate play. CBD is the star ingredient that helps to increase blood flow and promote pelvic relaxation, decrease inflammation and discomfort.

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At Quanna. They are passionate about CBD and believe it can be an integral part of boosting our health and well-being. It is time to take control of our bodies and strive for the highest quality ingredients in our products. This all began with sexual wellbeing because we genuinely believe that YOU deserve better than a market filled with subpar products and ingredients that contradict the meaning of intimate for our most intimate parts. They want to
put the spotlight on this vital practice of sustainability coupled with the benefits and power of CBD. They hear you and know always to ask, “Is this enough?”