Whilst we make no claims about the medicinal benefits of CBD, you can be sure that using The Herb Kingdom products as a regular food supplement is a cost-effective way of getting your regular dose of this wonderful plant extract.

Key Fact #1

At The Herb Kingdom we’re only interested in high quality products at fair prices. We use full spectrum CBD oil and ensure that the CBD content is clearly shown on the label so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

Key Fact #2

Furthermore, our main products are made from golden oil which means the standard raw oil goes through a special filtration process to remove unwanted plant matter. The result is a better tasting, higher quality oil with little of the unpleasant bitterness that many CBD users are familiar with.

Discover The Herb Kingdom CBD Products

Our aim is to offer great value for money so more people can access CBD products. When comparing the prices of CBD products, look at the actual amount of CBD in mg that the product contains. Then calculate how much you are using each week (or how much you intend to use) so you can work out how much it is likely to cost with each of the product options.